Seven bends site location:

Click here for direct link on google maps

What3words location: glad.thatched.lads

The Seven Bends site is now open and the gate combination lock number is viewable in the members only section (password protected)

The gate can be left open while the field is in use; the last one out locks the gate up as they leave.

Access to the clubhouse is via the same key as the old lorry back/ clubhouse at Stoke Orchard.

The toilet has been serviced and the key is hanging up in the clubhouse on a black propeller as before.

Again, last person leaving the site will be responsible for ensuring the clubhouse and toilet are locked.

All models - both ic and electric - are to be noise tested and must pass before flying.

Noise tests can be done by anyone - there is no need to wait for a committee member to do it.

Instructions are on the noise meter case.

There is a folder with booklets inside to record tests and results. Use one page per member to keep all your tests together. Move on to the next book once the previous one is full.

Headings are Date, Model & Engine/motor, Propeller, make & size, Pass reading, Rpm if needed to meet 82db.

Currently there will be no jet turbines allowed as the grass is not yet substantial enough to withstand damage from the hot eflux. This is likely to remain so at least until the end of this year.

Please make yourselves aware of the No Fly Zones.

A disabled parking space is available for those that need it please do not abuse it if you’re fit and able.

Above all enjoy the new site and fly safely.