Mike Fordham's Phase 5 glider

The Phase 5 is a 1970s Chris Foss design.  It has a semi-symmetrical wing section changing to fully symmetrical at the wing tips.  It was designed for pylon racing at the time and the prototypes had several flap configurations mostly driven by a single servo mounted in the wing centre section.

I modified my build version to use 4 mini servos.  I also concealed the push rods within the wing to prevent snagging of the rods when handing the wing.  It also produces a cleaner wing but tolerances have to be more accurate to prevent sloop in the connections.

I also used small neodym magnets for retaining the hatch and servo covers.

I was not too concerned about lightness for this model since the original was permanently ballasted to give a minimum flying weight of 3 1/4lb.

I chose the orange Oracover colour scheme because I seem to loose sight of lighter coloured models on less than good visibility days.